After work at Monkey Paw

Living near Hamilton’s is a blessing (even though I haven’t checked in Untappd yet). There are plenty of beers, with a great variety. Just like Hamilton’s, Monkey Paw has a wonderful selection and a mellow atmosphere.

One night on my way home from work a co-worker giving me a lift suggested Monkey Paw. of course I was all in with that idea. Oddly enough we ran into a second co- worker grabbing brews with his roommates.

I had only two beers while at Monkey Paw and only rating/registering one of them on Untapped. as I stated in may posts prior I don’t like my phone to be the center of attention so I try to stay off of it. The first beer I had was
Hop Sour Mandarina – By Almanac Beer Co. an American Wild Ale at 7.00% ABV I gave it 4.25 stars on Untappd.  as I get the bill back I was astounded 10 bucks for a glass of sour, I thought hopefully the taste is worth it. With my rating and feeling on Untappd I did like it. Over all my opinion it is a really great sour yet expensive as balls! good for a taste but not a multi drinker, nor an all night drinker. The second beer was a Monkey Paw original.
Meaty Beety Big and Bouncy – By Monkey Paw Brewing Company – an Imperial IPA/ American Double with an ABV of 9.00%. It was an odd red, yet tasty. I liked it a lot but did not record it.

While drinking I met my co-worker’s roommate who works at the Liverpool Bar, Princess Pub and informed her I would be in for the Liverpool game the following day. She didn’t believe me, which leads into my next post.