After work at Monkey Paw

Living near Hamilton’s is a blessing (even though I haven’t checked in Untappd yet). There are plenty of beers, with a great variety. Just like Hamilton’s, Monkey Paw has a wonderful selection and a mellow atmosphere.

One night on my way home from work a co-worker giving me a lift suggested Monkey Paw. of course I was all in with that idea. Oddly enough we ran into a second co- worker grabbing brews with his roommates.

I had only two beers while at Monkey Paw and only rating/registering one of them on Untapped. as I stated in may posts prior I don’t like my phone to be the center of attention so I try to stay off of it. The first beer I had was
Hop Sour Mandarina – By Almanac Beer Co. an American Wild Ale at 7.00% ABV I gave it 4.25 stars on Untappd.  as I get the bill back I was astounded 10 bucks for a glass of sour, I thought hopefully the taste is worth it. With my rating and feeling on Untappd I did like it. Over all my opinion it is a really great sour yet expensive as balls! good for a taste but not a multi drinker, nor an all night drinker. The second beer was a Monkey Paw original.
Meaty Beety Big and Bouncy – By Monkey Paw Brewing Company – an Imperial IPA/ American Double with an ABV of 9.00%. It was an odd red, yet tasty. I liked it a lot but did not record it.

While drinking I met my co-worker’s roommate who works at the Liverpool Bar, Princess Pub and informed her I would be in for the Liverpool game the following day. She didn’t believe me, which leads into my next post.


Chill Monday

Font needs to be addressed, on the draft screen I like how it looks but when it gets published it looks squashed (fixed).

That is besides the point Monday I was a little hung over from Sunday, we stopped beers at coin-op and preceded to wine and shots through out the rest of the night.

First stop Draft in Mission Beach. Made a flight out of 9oz tasters. The picture is courtesy of my instgram account. Four beers were had, I did not record these on my Untappd profile but they are above in picture as well as listed below.
Beer 1- Saint Archer Blonde Ale brought to you by Saint Archer Brewing Company from San Diego California. Kölsche style beer with an alcohol content of 4.8%.
Beer 2- The Apprentice  by Societe Brewing Company also from San Diego California, It is a American IPA in style with an alcohol content of 7.6%.
Beer 3- Freshsqueezed made by Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon. Another American IPA but darker than The Apprentice, with an alcohol content of 6.4%
Beer 4- Campfire Stout from High Water Brewing out of Chico California. The Style is an American Stout, and it has an alcohol content of  6.5%.

After draft it was a nice walk to the next stop. Pacific Beach Shore Club, where we got two 20oz Goblets of Beer.
Beer 1- Newcastle from Heineken Nederland B.V. out of the Netherlands. It is an English Brown Ale with an Alcohol content of 4.7%. I stated it was in a goblet which is true, a giant plastic goblet and I couldn’t really tell much details from them. But it tasted as a Newcastle would, not bad at all.
Beer 2- West Coast IPA (2015) from Green Flash Brewing Company out of San Diego, Ca. It is an American Double, or Imperial IPA with an ABV of 8.10%. Tasty on a beautiful day in San Diego.

First Post.

I have a few ideas for this beerblog that I would like to take public. I don’t know how other beer blogs work, nor what I can differ from them but this is my journey of beer. Hopefully I will be able to expand this idea and dream and make it a reality.

So about me. I have no Idea how to work word press right now so major adjustments will be made. Youtube, you and those who do tutorials on, are god. So there are a few sites, Instagram handles, twitter accounts, and youtube channels that I visit regularly and would like to express gratitude towards them, I don’t how to link them yet remember this is a test run. So there is my idea so far. If any one out there has some suggestions or what not I would like to take the criticism, and use it to my advantage.

So there. First post under my belt.