Bike Ride

So, I haven’t been very active on the blog in a long time. I feel like I need to fix that, I’m going to try to be more regular with posts and articles. Here is a small story that will slowly transition into my other events that have happened in my absence. My fun day off and an amazing bike ride, so with out further ado my bike ride adventure.

Finally I have a day off, it has been about two weeks prior without a break from work. It was a beautiful Sunday that absolutely warranted a bike ride. I googled (isn’t that weird it’s a verb) breweries in San Diego and zoomed out of the regular South Park and North Park breweries and saw one on the edge of Chula Vista. Being on the edge of the northern part of Chula Vista made this ride more feasible, the distance was perfect.

My trip took me through the heart of down town, a fun but slow ferry ride to Coronado, and then a trip South on Silver Strand bike path. The day was beautiful. There was a side wind with a little tail wind to push me by the pulsing ocean. There were tons of people out riding the bike path as well as they highway it seemed as if each individual had a smile of wonder or struggle as I passed them. As soon as I finished the path around the beach and reached Imperial Beach it directed me west which was perfect. It put me right where I wanted to go to a really cool but not known brewery Bay Bridge Brewery.

Bay Bridge Brewery (BBB) was in an industrial park, with a bit of searching I found it with their giant flag out front. As I walked through the brewery to the tasting room with my bike (cool experience without knowing what I was entering into) I was greeted by the owners David and Jim as they were having lunch and watching NASCAR. At the moment I didn’t know them as the owners but as conversation gave way that is one thing that was mentioned. I ordered a flight of tasters with David and spoke to him mostly through out my stay.

Bay Bridge Brewing
Via Instagram

The flight I ordered was a total of 4 beers and a final pint to send me off back to Golden Hill. From lightest to darkest, as well as in ordered drank;
Bonita Blonde -was my first beer- it has an ABV of 5% and as described on Untappd, “Light, refreshing golden ale brewed with Munich and White Wheat malts and bittered with Noble German hops. An American interpretation of a Kolsch style beer.” I enjoyed it.
America’s finest Amber– ABV 5.7% Red Ale/American Amber-and my rating on Untappd was a 3.75 stars
Palomar Pale Ale – with an ABV of 5.9%, So so far not to heavy in alcohol. but all tasty. These three were the only ones I recorded stars and tasting notes with Untappd.
Star of India IPA – 6.7% ABV – quoting Untappd again “A variety of malts and generous doses of hops throughout the brewing and fermentation process creates a big bodied brew with a citrus nose and a clean, satisfying finishing bitterness.”
Oatmeal Stout – 5.7% ABV – Cool thing was I was the first to put this in Untappd. there were no others prior to my check in. Now there are three. I’m pretty stoked about that! This was my pint!

Those were the beers.  As I said before I spoke to David mostly, through our interaction there were a lot of interesting people rolling in and out. Friends of the brewers, fellow bikers as well as the writer of The San Diego Brewery Guide – Bruce Glassman. Jim mostly talked to him as Dave tended the bar. Bruce also was taking pictures of the beer and the facility to be featured in the up in coming 3rd edition. He was talking to me for a quick moment and said the straw is the most important tool for beer photography. I quickly saw how he stirred the beer to give it more head and carbonation as it settled. Super cool to have that experience.

Overall the place and the people were awesome. The bike ride home was a little less awesome. overall an awesome day!



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