Number 2

No advances on the site yet, but there have been some adventures, and of course beer drinking. Sunday night was a fun filled night. I went to a few locations in North Park (San Diego) and had a variate of beer, as well as alcoholic drinks.

First stop Crazy Burger on 30th. Street. Not only did I get beers it was accompanied by a Duck burger with hoisin sauce, sesame seeds, lettuce, tomato and pickles I took off the red onion. A burger is only as good as it’s companion (besides beer), so Sweet Potato fries were added. The beers I drank were marked down on the Untappd profile, but I’ll mention them here any ways.

There are a few things about rating that I would like to mention. I don’t think I have given a beer under a 3.0 star review. I kind of like all beers. If I do go under the 3.0 review that beer must have not sat well with me. Secondly. I would consider myself a hop heavy individual. Meaning I seek IPA’s as well as Pale Ales. Being from San Diego it is hop heaven. I am a bit biased, I will admit that. I do not dig wheat beers. So my ratings on those will be heavily based on my taste buds. I’m not to educated in the wheat department. And thirdly, when I am out I try to not be on my phone to much and to pay attention to company present. So my 3 key things I rate are V- Visual appearance, S- Smell and aromas that catch my nose, and T- Taste and feel in the mouth in little words as possible.

Beer 1- Bro-ceanography Pils from Fat Cat Beer Company out of San Diego, California. If you don’t want to go to my Untappd page, here is the details and I use details lightly. “V:golden straw S:cinnamon light. T:Has a light cinnamon taste begging finish clean Thumbs up.” I said thumbs up because I know I would drink it again, and as I was checking in I thought I could use a catchy profile only thing at the end of each beer. But that needs to be worked on
Beer 2- The Calling from Boulevard Brewing company based in Kansas City, Missouri. This is the first beer I saw on the list and was the first I wanted to try because of the name. Maybe it was my calling to start a blog or instgram/ untappd profile. I don’t know silly happenstances. So the light details of this beer brought directly from my untappd profile. “V:straw golden/amber S:Minimal hops(can’t tell stuffy nose) some malts T:sweet pruney but well hidden alcohol.”

Next Stop a little place called Coin-Op. I was super stoked when I heard we were getting a barcade type of place in San Diego. The first Barcade I went to was in New York, I want to say Williamsburg, but I could be incredibly wrong. Any ways the atmosphere is drinks and vintage arcade games.

Beer 1- Stiegl Radler Grapefruit NaturtrĂ¼b from Stieglbrauerei zu Salzburg in Austria The reason I chose this one was the low alcohol content, as well as a suggestion from a friend the prior Sunday. He said it was a perfect “Shower beer.” Now let me explain a shower beer, going through college you always need a pick me up after a heavy night drinking. So the three S’s were always taken part (shit, shower, shave). If you knew you needed another crutch you would take a beer in the shower and finish it off before you were done with the shower. This allowed you to get your buzz back and be back in action. Any ways to the beer. “V:cloudy yellow S:grapefruit. Peel T: Grapefruit candy Easy shower beer.” I guess I noted that it would be good in the shower as well haha I don’t remember that.
Beer 2- Breaking Bud from Knee deep Brewing Company out of Auburn California. Breaking Bud just sounded awesome, and like I said before I gravitate towards the hops. Anyways, here is my breakdown. “V: golden S:light hops resin T:easy mouth feel for IPA Cool.” My idea of an easy mouth feel for an IPA means it doesn’t destroy your taste buds because of the High hops. I think I should change the wording of this soon.
Beer 3- Hop Tanker from El Segundo Brewing Company from El Segundo, California. So you know how earlier I mentioned the low alcohol content. I kind of wanted to stick to that idea, but obviously I didn’t. I told the person I was with to pick out two different beers that we haven’t had today as I walked to the bathroom. As I come back there were two beers sitting in front of her, both in chalice like glass ware. Right then I knew the alcohol content was heavy. Out of three highest alcohol content we got number 2 and number 3, not because she looked at the content, but because she liked the name. To the details!! “V:golden amber S:Copper (?) Baby formula (?) Stuffy nose pine T: citrus pulp , alch midway and end.” So at the time I was rating these two my nose was stuffy. I don’t know where those smells came from kind of weird in my opinion maybe I need to try it again.
Beer 4- Yeti from Great Divide Brewing Co. out of Denver, Colorado. I guess I am going out of order according to Untappd I Started with Yeti, and moved to Hop Tanker. But I remember finishing the Yeti last. Light details, here they are. “V: oil S: chocolate coco nib sweet caramel T:smooth mouth hard alchemy. Finish Thumbs up.” There I go with the thumbs up.

As I finish up with this post I realize there are a few things that I could mention when I list the beers. I should list the types of beer they are and maybe rather than link to my Untappd profile I could link to Beeradvocate or Ratebeer so you can get a broader idea of what others have thought about the beer rather than just my input.



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