Chill Monday

Font needs to be addressed, on the draft screen I like how it looks but when it gets published it looks squashed (fixed).

That is besides the point Monday I was a little hung over from Sunday, we stopped beers at coin-op and preceded to wine and shots through out the rest of the night.

First stop Draft in Mission Beach. Made a flight out of 9oz tasters. The picture is courtesy of my instgram account. Four beers were had, I did not record these on my Untappd profile but they are above in picture as well as listed below.
Beer 1- Saint Archer Blonde Ale brought to you by Saint Archer Brewing Company from San Diego California. Kölsche style beer with an alcohol content of 4.8%.
Beer 2- The Apprentice  by Societe Brewing Company also from San Diego California, It is a American IPA in style with an alcohol content of 7.6%.
Beer 3- Freshsqueezed made by Deschutes Brewery from Bend, Oregon. Another American IPA but darker than The Apprentice, with an alcohol content of 6.4%
Beer 4- Campfire Stout from High Water Brewing out of Chico California. The Style is an American Stout, and it has an alcohol content of  6.5%.

After draft it was a nice walk to the next stop. Pacific Beach Shore Club, where we got two 20oz Goblets of Beer.
Beer 1- Newcastle from Heineken Nederland B.V. out of the Netherlands. It is an English Brown Ale with an Alcohol content of 4.7%. I stated it was in a goblet which is true, a giant plastic goblet and I couldn’t really tell much details from them. But it tasted as a Newcastle would, not bad at all.
Beer 2- West Coast IPA (2015) from Green Flash Brewing Company out of San Diego, Ca. It is an American Double, or Imperial IPA with an ABV of 8.10%. Tasty on a beautiful day in San Diego.


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